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When labor is in favor

For over thirty years Seifula Khairullovich Tursunbayev has been working in the coal industry. He has all three grades of Labor Glory award; he is the head of the Labor dynasty of the Tursunbayevs. He came from a simple miners' family. He is a son of the contact soldier. Seifula Khairullovich determined that work in the coal industry would be his main deed in life.

The parents of Seifula Khairullovich were working for Ekibastuzugol Production Association for long years. The father, Khairulla Tursunbayev, first worked as an excavator operator, then as a tool maker; his mother, Bibinaziya Zakhretdinovna - as a compressor worker in the underground mine of Tsentralnyy mine. Both of them were retired from Ekibastuzugol Production Association.

The labor biography of Seifula Khairullovich himself started in the professional and technical school #163 (currently it is the mining and technical college named after K.Pshenbayev). From the list of specialties existing in Ekibastuz source of manpower at that time the young boy selected a profession of a traction unit operator. His neighbor, Aleksandr Grigoriyevich Chernenko, strongly advised him to get this profession as he himself worked as a diesel locomotive operator in Bogatyr Loading and Transportation Department. 

- Currently new OPE diesel-electric locomotives are manufactured - an excellent machine, which proved itself; it is the most perspective profession as my neighbor told me, - Seifula Khairullovich remembers. - Why not?, - I thought. And now, looking back, I understand I made the right choice.

After the graduation from the technical school the time came to have a practice. At that time there was a deficit of qualified labor force, that is why graduates of technical secondary schools were given a two-year occupational deferment from army service when they were employed at a coal mine. The nuts and bolts of the profession the young specialist Tursunbayev was grasping in the rolling stock depot at Kovylnaya station of Bogatyr Loading and Transportation Department, as a traction unit operator assistant. In 1983 he was drawn to the color. He had the service in the engineering and technical troops of Privolzkskiy military district. By the results of the army depot and training center Seifula was awarded a junior sergeant military rank. At the same time he acquired one more civil specialty called a tower crane operator. For the years of his army service Seifula took part in the construction of tens of multifamily residential buildings and hostels for office cadre. 

- Our task was to make assembly of buildings, - Seifula Khairullovich clarified, – but finishing works were performed by other crews.

The conscientious labor of a military builder Tursunbayev was awarded twice by the military part authority through granting him a special leave home. 

Upon quitting the army Seifula returned to a previous place of work - to his native depot. Having worked as an OPE excavator operator for five years in 1990 he was employed as an operator, and in six more years he became an operator-instructor. In this position Tursunbayev worked until 2004 when he was appointed as Deputy Chief of Udarnaya rolling stock depot. Currently Seifula Khairullovich worked as Chief Technologist for Repair of Locomotives at Railroad Equipment Maintenance Direction.

Among the people, who played a key role in his professional becoming Seifula Khairullovich gives the name of his first tutor - OPE operator Sergey Yevgeniyevich Mozgovoy. 

- For all these years, - Seifula Khairullovich says – I steadily feel the support of my elder comrades - Viktor Alekseyevich Kovalenko, Valery Viktorovich Chinayev, Iliya Ivanovich Sizonenko, and Aleksandr Kuzmich Novikov. All of them are professionals among professionals, from each I drew a lot of useful for myself. Their attitude to labor is an example for youth. Using the opportunity I would like to note the high professionalism of Sergey Yuriyevich Shishov, Yury Kuzmich Novikov, Sergey Gennadiyevich Zakharov, Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Zorin, and Temirbulat Agzamovich Nurashev.

At the same time Seifula Khairullovich himself taught several generations of railroad specialists for the past years. Currently the most of his pupils work in Bogatyr Loading and Transportation Department.

- I was teaching theory to some of them, others had practical lessons with me. My main piece of advice to young people is not to be lazy but self-educate continuously. Despite my substantial experience and higher education I always find time to read additional technical literature. As knowledge cannot be extra, they get fixed during work best of all.

Seifula Khairullovich Tursunbayev, who was acknowledged to be the best employee of the Partnership in 2001 and has a Labor Glory award of all three grades, finds himself a happy person. Together with his spouse, Aigul Kairollayevna, also working for Bogatyr Coal LLP as Chief Economist in the Accounting Department, they grew up four decent children. Each of them selected their road in life. Two sons - Farid and Ruslan - work as OPE-1 traction unit operator assistants in Oktyabrskaya depot of rolling stock in Bogatyr Loading and Transportation Department, their daughter  Dayana - in Human Resources Department of Bogatyr Loading and Transportation Department, their younger daughter Aida is a student of Pavlodar State University, their daughter-in-law Dzhamilya is currently on the maternity leave, before that she worked as a post operator at Yuzhnaya station, their son-in-law Aleksandr is a diesel locomotive operator.

They, all together, are a big and united family of the Tursunbayevs, one of the glorious dynasties of Bogatyr Coal LLP.  


Photo by Oleg MALCHUK.


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