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As it is testified by historical documents, the discovery of Ekibastuz coal basin relates to as early as 1867. The coal mining has begun at the border of the XIX –XX centuries by Voskresenskiy Mining Joint Stock Company, and since 1913 – by English Concession Company “Kirgizian Mining Joint Stock Company”, where the main shareholder was Lesly Urkart, the English millionaire, and Gerbert Guver, the USA former president.

After establishment of the Soviet power in 1918 on the territory of Pavlodar Priirtyshje, the decree of Board of People’s Commissars was signed on nationalization of Ekibastuz coal copies. However, only after the war the surveyors and designers came there. In 1954, the first coal mine named further as Central Mine was commissioned with the capacity of 3 mm tons per year.

From that time Ekibastuz coal has been shipped to the power plants of the Ural region of the Russian Federation. The first train was delivered to Krasnogorsk heat power plant, which became the unique proving ground for Ekibastuz coal. In that very year in a small Ural town called Troitsk the construction of the new power plant started – the mother of the big power engineering of the southern Ural. The plant, like other power plants built later, was designed and built purposefully for burning high-ash Ekibastuz coal.

Bogatyr mine with the designed capacity of 50 mm tons of coal p.a. was constructed in nine phases since 1965 till 1979. In 1985, the maximum annual productivity came to 56,8 mm tons of coal. The mine of such unit capacity was constructed for the first time in the world, and that is why, it was listed into the Guinness Book. Until 1996, Bogatyr mine belonged to the State JSC Ekibastuzkomir.

The new phase of the deposit development began in the middle of the 90-th years of last century, when the new investors came there. The history of Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP began in September 1996. At that time, according to the results of the open tender conducted in compliance with the resolution of the RoK government, Access Industries Inc. company privatized the property of Bogatyr mine and Stepnoy mine (70%).

By the agreement of the shareholders beginning with 2009 Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP started being managed by two companies, the Kazakhstani state holding Samruk-Kazyna and the Russian UC RUSAL.

In March of 2009 Bogatyr Access Komyr, LLP was renamed into Bogatyr Coal, LLP. Viktor Konstantinovich Shchukin was appointed to the position of General Director of Bogatyr Coal LLP.

One of the most significant events in the history of the company was the production of 1,5-billionth tons of coal, which was synchronized with the 45-th jubilee of Bogatyr coal mine celebrated in November 2015.

Beginning from October 2017 Murat Kenesovich Abdygulov is General Director of Bogatyr Coal LLP. In the partnership the active reforms are going on aimed at the increase of the operations efficiency, achievement of a new quality level in the economic activity. The results of Bogatyr Coal LLP in 2016 show demonstrably that despite all crisis events in the world economy and unfavorable market conjuncture the enterprise fulfilled the tasks set. It managed to preserve the sustainable results of operations and sales having sold 35,1 million tons of coal, what is 3,4% higher that the level of 2015. The company managed to maintain the gained positions of the most reliable and proven supplier of products for the power systems of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

In 2017 Bogatyr Coal LLP plans to ship 33,9 million tons of coal to its customers, including 24,8 mm tons of coal to the customers in Kazakhstan. The coal shipments to the customers of the Russian Federation are planned to be on the level of 9,1 mm tons. The main customers of Bogatyr Coal LLP are Reftinskaya, Serovskaya, Troitskaya power plants, Ekibastuz power plant #1, Ekibastuz power plant #2, Almaty and Stepnogorsk heat power plants, Karaganda Energotsentr LLP (heat power plants ## 1 and 3), SevKazEnergo JSC, Astana-Energy JSC (heat power plants ## 1 and 2), Kokshetauzhylu state public enterprise, Pavlodarenergo JSC, Bassel Group LLS (Karaganda).

The perspective plants of Bogatyr Coal LLP are related, first of all, to large projects of the power sector of Kazakhstan on reconstruction and introduction of new power facilities at Ekibastuz power plants ## 1 and 2, Karaganda heat power plant #3, power system of the city of Astana, along with the construction of Balkhash thermal power station and heat power plant in Taldykorgan.

Currently 60% of all the coal mined in Ekibastuz coal basin and 40% of the total volume of coal production in the Republic of Kazakhstan fall on the share of Bogatyr Coal LLP. Bogatyr Coal LLP is one of the world largest enterprises on opencast coal mining; its balance reserves are 2,75 billion tons. The production capacity of the enterprise is 42 million tons of coal, including 32 million on Bogatyr coal mine and 10 million tons on Severny coal mine. The total labor force of Bogatyr Coal LLP is 6,257 people. The coal mining and shipment at the mine is carried out by excavators of various models – bucket-wheel excavators, shovels of EKG-model, hydraulic excavators manufactured by Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, and BelAZ large trucks. The process also includes the conveyor lines and reloaders manufactured by the German company TAKRAF.

The modern technological scheme of the coal operations at the enterprise is as follows: mining coal at Bogatyr Coal LLP is carried out by shovel excavators, shipment – by bucket-wheel ones. Coal is hauled to a bucket-wheel excavator in the stockpile from different seams, thus coal ash content blending takes place – down to 42% and increase of its calorific value, after that the products are loaded into rail cars.

Bogatyr Coal LLP mines coal of KSN-grade with the average combustion value of 4,000 kcal/kg, its ash content is about 42%, and the moisture content does not exceed 5%.

The strategy of Bogatyr Coal LLP development is to provide the continuous coal production for a long perspective. Under the current capacity of the enterprise the coal reserves will be enough for over 70 years of work.

The area of the coal-bearing strata of Ekibastuz basin is 77 square kilometers. It is stretched from the north-west to the south-east for 12 kilometers approaching six kilometers in width. The maximum depth of the coal mass deepening fluctuates within the limits of 530 meters, and the overburden seam – from 3 to 670 meters. The total coal reserves in Ekibastuz basin are 10 billion tons.

The favorable geological bedding of the coal seams in the boundaries of Bogatyr and Severny coal mine sections allows mining coal with least operational costs. The average stripping ratio does not exceed 0,7 cubic meters per 1 ton of coal.

Beginning from 2006 Bogatyr Coal LLP has been implementing the planned conversion to the truck and conveyor technology of coal transportation with its blending directly in the pit.

The introduction of the new technology will allow:


  • increasing coal production and its blending to satisfy demands of the power sector of Kazakhstan and Russia;
  • minimizing the negative influence of mining works deepening on a products prime cost, what will lead to the reduction of production costs in its own turn;
  • modernizing the existing operations replacing morally and physically obsolete mining machinery with new equipment;
  • rationalizing the order of coal reserves mining within the boundaries of the mining allotment;
  • reducing the time of railcars turnover by 2,5 times, introducing processes of accurate railcars loading without uncoupling rail trains.


Landmarks in the history of Bogatyr Coal LLP

1966 – the construction of Bogatyr coal mine started (the initial name – Irtyshskiy mine #5/6).

November 30, 1970 – the first phase of Bogatyr coal mine was commissioned. The date is considered to be the birthday of the mine.

July 15, 1971 - by Order of Ministry of Coal Industry of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics the Irtyshskiy mine #5/6 was renamed into Bogatyr coal mine.

June 1, 1972 – the finish of the assembly and commissioning of the first SRs(K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavator at Bogatyr coal mine

On November 26, 1972 – the meeting of the mine workers devoted to the presentation to Bogatyr coal mine collective of the Memorial Red Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Cabinet Council of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and the Council of Professional Unions of Kazakhstan.

December 1973 года – the fifth phase of the mine commissioned. Thus, the mine became the largest in the Soviet Union, its total capacity made 25 million tons of coal per year.

October 1977 года – at Bogatyr coal mine the first rotary complex ERShRD-5000 was commissioned.

December 1978 года – the eighth phase was commissioned, the capacity of the enterprise achieved 42,5 million tons of coal per year, what allowed the mine standing in line with world largest mining enterprises.

December 1979 года – at Bogatyr coal mine the ninth phase was commissioned. Its production capacity achieved 50 million tons of coal per year, by size it became the world largest coal mine.

December 1983 – Bogatyr coal mine achieved its designed capacity ahead of schedule – 50 million tons of coal per year.

January 1992 – at Bogatyr coal mine the industrial tests of the conveyor started. Loading coal onto the conveyor was carried out by ERShRD-5000 bucket-wheel excavator.

November 6, 1996 - Access Industries (Eurasia), LLP became the new owner of Bogatyr coal mine. Bogatyr Access Komyr Limited Liability Partnership was created on the basis of the property complex of Bogatyr coal mine. Two mining complexes - Bogatyr (mining sections ## 5, 6, 9, and 10) with the capacity of 40 million tons of coal per year and Severny (mining sections ## 1, 2, 3, and 4) with the capacity of 8 million tons of coal per year function within the united Bogatyr coal mine.

November 6, 1997 - one billionth ton of coal mined from the commissioning of Bogatyr coal mine was mined and shipped to customers on that day. The picked crew headed by Senior Operator A.Gusev was entrusted with the honor to mine and ship that jubilee ton.

July 1998 – the start-up of the world first inter-bench conveyor gantry SBF-R(k)-1800.25 took place at Bogatyr coal mine.

August 12, 2004 - the coal and overburden loading complex with the productivity of 14 million tons of coal per year was commissioned at Bogatyr coal mine.

September 9, 2005 - Severny complex of Bogatyr coal mine was transferred to the new - truck and rail road technology of coal mining and blending. The complex productivity is 8 million tons of blended coal per year.

2006 - at Bogatyr coal mine the truck and railroad technology of coal mining was introduced with the use of shovel excavators and large trucks, which is the main technology of coal mining at Bogatyr coal mine currently. Coal blending is organized at the coal stockpiles created in the pit with the use of powerful bulldozers for blending; for loading coal from blending stockpiles they use bucket-wheel excavators as crushing and loading machines. The technology allows improving the quality of coal shipped by reduction of coal ash content fluctuations in a rail car.

December 25, 2006 - the automated dispatch control system (ADCS) of technological processes was put in a trial operation. Its purpose was to provide monitoring of mining works, manage the process of forming coal stockpiles by quality. The use of ADCS allowed increasing the productivity of mining and transportation equipment for account of reduction of idle-time of excavators waiting for empty cars and vehicles waiting for loading.

April - November 2007 - construction and commissioning of the Pit-Stop at mining section #6 of Bogatyr coal mine;

Reconstruction of the conveyor and railroad complex with the construction of the third lifting conveyor (KLP-3) in October 2009;

2010 - the end of the reconstruction of the transportation scheme at Bogatyr coal mine. The reconstruction allowed reducing the length of the in-pit rail tracks and number of rail switches, increasing their passing capacity up to 150 thousand tons of coal per day. The new transportation scheme allowed reducing the average distance of coal transportation from 16 down to 12 kilometers, increasing the productivity of the main equipment and suspending the growth of a coal prime-cost. Over 40 million tons of coal was unblocked without any additional costs for overburden.

2010 - 2013 - modernization of SRs(K)-2000 ## 1143, 1144, 1145, and 1146 bucket-wheel excavators.

November 2013 – March 2014 - the construction and commissioning of the automobile cross-over at the elevation -50m over the lifting conveyor KLP-3 of the conveyor and railroad complex allowed providing the delivery of overburden rocks by automobile transport from lower and average-height elevations of the working slope of mining section #6 to mining section #5 and starting the formation of lower layers of the in-pit dump called Sinklinalny. The newly built cross-over reduced the distance of overburden rocks transportation from mining section #6 down to its minimum and allowed mining coal by the truck-rotary-conveyor-railroad technology without the change of the track of conveyors of the conveyor and railroad complex until the introduction of the first line of the truck and conveyor technology.

February - June 2014 - the construction and commissioning of the shop on assembly and disassembly of wheels of large trucks and other technological mobile equipment with the installation of the purchased tire servicing press called EDMO.

December 2013 – October 2014 - the construction and commissioning of the base at the industrial site of Kovylnaya rail station to provide the disassembly-assembly works while making medium and major overhauls of technological mobile equipment (25 units of machinery per year).

November 27, 2015 - 1,5 billionth ton of coal was mined and shipped to customers (counting from the commissioning of Bogatyr coal mine).

November 2016 – assembly and commissioning for industrial operations of two new large trucks of BelAZ-75131 model with the cargo capacity of 130 tons, within the frames of the main mining and transportation equipment renewal program adopted in Bogatyr Coal LLP.

March 2017 – The beginning of modernization of SRs(K)-2000 #2147 bucket-wheel excavator. The term of the works finish is November 2017. The conducted modernization will allow prolonging the exploitation term of the excavator through to 2027. The course of the works fulfillment is under the special control of the management of Bogatyr Coal LLP. The contract supervision of the quality of the works fulfillment is implemented by the representative office of the German company manufacturer - TAKRAF GmbH - along with the client.